Another typhoon hits the Philippines: Cyclone Basyang

I was scared last night, an unusual feeling actually, of the whistling and humming wind as Basyang pounded the roofs, walls and trees around our apartment.  12:55 a.m, the wind and light rain has been incessant. I peered out of my window and saw the lone palm tree across the yard, at the neighbor’s lawn, swaying to whatever direction Basyang told it to, the wind whipping its thin trunk, maybe to ensure its obedience. If it had been me, I would also have followed, without question.  2:00 a.m. and the winds are still humming. Living near Laguna Lake, I imagine I can hear the water bouncing off against the banks, the angry wind’s sole purpose is to break through the barrier and unleash its fury on the unsuspecting people living nearby.  Of course, nobody is unsuspecting anymore, I suppose. With the storm going on for two hours already, I really doubt it.

DEPED cancelled classes in the elementary and high school levels at 11:00 p.m. last night.  My daughter has been saying, “I told you so, Mommy, we have no classes tomorrow! You shouldn’t have made me finish my homework.”

5:30 a.m. I opened my front door and stepped outside.  I saw the neighbor’s dog’s bowl several feet away.  His kennel is at the back of the apartment complex. To its right, the big basin I use when doing the laundry lay upside down.  Tree branches and leaves litter our yard, a slipper seemed lost in one side, yearning to be reunited with its partner, probably thinking, how can I live alone?

In the jeepney on my way to work, I saw fallen trees, people sweeping the road and clearing debris. It is fortunate that the rain didn’t fall too hard so there are no flooded areas.

The rainy season is here, everyone. Be ready.


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