Lingering over breakfast, for a change

Bagel with cream cheese and a cup of strong black coffee. Hmmm…. wonderful! I am peacefully having breakfast at the New Bistro Deli a block away from my ofice.  I don’t mind that I had to leave the apartment super early. It is now very rare for me to have time to myself like this, the last time was probably three years ago. I have long since buried myself with work and the children since then.  Not that I am complaining, mind you. I would give my life for my children. But I am slowly starting to feel that there is more to life than my children and work.
Oh, I have tried to go out. But with a shoestring budget, one cannot go far. After a few times, I started to give excuses to my friends. And these days, even if I wanted to, I really cannot go out at nights.  I am currently juggling two jobs – a full-time daytime job handling all the quality crises that can happen in a food manufacturing plant and a full-time online job that I do at night doing what I love best: writing.  No matter that I write product reviews, or post marketing articles to blogs and such, I still love to write. Of course, I still dream about writing a novel or my memoir, but that can wait. Now that I have picked up writing again, I am willing to be patient.
For now, I will enjoy my coffee, before it gets cold; and my bagel before it turns to stone!
Err… excuse me sir, can I borrow your newspaper?


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