Dengue Scared

I had to bring my daughter, aged 11, to the emergency room last night.  Her fever has been on and off for the last 6 days and we were all becoming scared.  The media has been reporting many cases of Dengue Fever and people are getting scared.  That included us.

We have done daily blood extraction to establish the platelet count trend but my daughter’s results were good. Negative for Dengue.  However, there was one problem that the doctor missed out, focused as we all are with eliminating or pinpointing Dengue: UTI.  When we had the first lab test, a urinalysis was made. Probably because it was one of those basic tests the doctors ask you to undergo when you complain of something and go for a check-up.  The initial result indicated there was a mild urinary tract infection (UTI) but we were not given any treatment. 3 days later and still with fever but platelet count OK, we decided to have her checked into the hospital.

Diagnosis: UTI with the infection at a high level already.  So here we are, still in the hospital, waiting for the antibiotics to take effect before we could go home.


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