My little boy has grown

I remember when I gave birth to Zildjian.  He was my second child and first boy who turned out to be the only boy and a middle child.  He was a cranky one, a complete opposite to his angelic older sister.  He would bawl and kick and bawl some more when I get too slow feeding him.

He was already three years old before he could start to speak coherently.  I was beginning to get worried and have asked around about the kind of doctor I should go to and if I should start speech therapy.  Seeing him as he is now, almost 13 years later, I shouldn’t have worried at all.  He made up for those three years of frustration of not being understood.  He skipped baby talk and went on to become a consistent honor student.

At 12, he experienced his first heartbreak, a fact I learned accidentally when I browsed through his cellphone’s inbox.  And to top it all off, he made his first song composition out of that experience.

My little boy has grown.


Mahal Kita

by Zildjian

tanda ko pa nung nakilala kita
akala ko masungit ka
pero ito’y nagbago
kc naging close tau
lagi na tayong magkasama
nagtatawanan, nagkkwentuhan at nagkukulitan
di ko namalayan
mahal na pla kita
mahal na pla kita
maniwala sana
mahal kita sa pilipino
i love you sa ingles
at 143 sa math
the letters starts with a-b-c
the numbers starts with 1-2-3
and love starts with you and me

sabi ng ate ko
dont worry coz boto ko sa inyo
kaya lng, maputi sya, maitim ako
matangkad sya, pandak ako
d kme bagay
pero okey lng kc mahal ko sya
at gusto kong sabihin sa kanya

repeat chorus.


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