Dreams do come true…

Well, in this particular case it did!

I am a single mother of three and boy, it is really tough. I am fortunate though because I have a very supportive and loving family. When the going got really tough, I decided to bring all my children to the province to stay with my parents.  Difficult though that decision was to make, I had no choice at that time.  Living in the city can be very costly and my salary is not enough for all of us to live on. Apartment rental, food expenses and school tuition totals to more than what I am making.

Weekend visits every one or two weeks was all I could manage.  I missed school activities, parent-teacher conferences and even birthdays if they fall on workdays. My children, even though they coped well, suffered. Missing both their parents and sometimes explaining in school our home situation, it was a hard time for them.  We all had one dream: to be able to live as a family and be able to do all things that normal families do.

That was nine years ago.  Two years ago, when my eldest started high school, she came to live with me here in Manila.  Two days ago, I picked them all up and brought them to Manila with me. Yay! They will all be going to a high school near my place.  Dreams do come true and good things come to those who wait.


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