Cycling has been around for ages.  As a kid, I have learned to ride a bike, taught by an uncle.  I suffered through scrapes and bruises so that I could cruise, one-hand steering, one hand raised in triumph, down the street where we live, hoping that all my friends can see and envy my cycling prowess.

Years had passed and now that I am a middle-aged mother of three, I find that cycling is still around, more a sport these days, where cycling enthusiasts compete and Grand Tours are televised and much followed by the world.

Bicycle riding had also become a form of fitness regimen for some who want to lose weight. Cycling requires full upper and lower body strength, building stamina and endurance.  When you control the handlebar, you work out all the muscles in your body.  In an average workout, one is likely to lose an average of 500 calories.

Cycling has been known to improve lung performance and help manage blood pressure.  This is because oxygen is released in a more effective way.

Still, there are others who have found a more practical application: bicycle commuting.  These commuters ride their bicycles to work, profiting in terms of fitness, gas savings (for those who used to drive) or bus fare savings.  Unlike cars that emit polluting gases and fumes, bicycles are very friendly to the environment.  What’s more, you get to enjoy the outdoors and feel the sun touching your skin instead of working out in the gym and seeing its four walls.

Start now.  Grab your bike or borrow your son’s and cycle your way to fitness.


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