Get your preschool kid ready for school

Finally, your child is ready to start preschool. You have both been waiting for this day to come. You have actually been thinking long and hard about the preparations you need to do to get her ready for preschool. She knows some of the alphabet already and can count to 10 but not always in the correct order. What else can you teach her?

Letters and numbers are things they will learn in school. What you should be focusing on are the social skills that your child will need to adapt to the new environment that she will be in, without you beside her to intercede. Read on and find out what some of these things are.

Can she dress herself?

The teacher probably doesn’t want to spend all her time putting on coats and zipping pants all day. Teach your child how to put on her own coat and zip her pants. Self care is one of the most important skills that your child should have when she starts to go to preschool.

Choose your children’s shoes well. A preschooler may not yet be able to tie shoelaces by himself but you can teach her how to put on shoes on the right feet. Buy shoes that can be easily taken off and put on again. Practice this skill at least one week before school starts.

Toilet training

Knowing how to take care of her bathroom needs tops this list. A child is usually ready to be toilet trained before she starts preschool but there are others who are late starters. Check with the school about their requirements. Does the preschool require that children be toilet trained already or will they at least allow a few months of pull-on diapers?

How to share

Make sure your child knows that she will have to share toys, books and other things inside their classroom with the other children. Encourage her to ask rather than just grab and let her play with other kids in your neighborhood to foster group play.

Sitting still

Sitting still is a skill not many preschoolers may have mastered because of their short attention span. Practice at home with your child. Set aside a time each day for both of you to sit together and read or play. You can also set a specific time to eat snacks and teach her that she cannot eat every time she wants to.

Responsible for her things

Make a list of the things your child needs for school such as children’s shoes, backpack and lunchboxes. Shop for school supplies together and get your child involved in choosing her things. Then, teach her how to organize her bag and pencil case. Teach her the importance of keeping her things organized so she won’t lose her things.

Preschool readiness is very important. You and your child have to prepare for the big day and prevent the first day of school from becoming distressful to you both.


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