UPCAT 2013

The waiting is killing me. Much more me than my daughter who actually took the exam last year.

I guess I will be more elated (or disappointed, however which way it goes) if she did get one of the most coveted university slots.

I remember when I took the same exams one September day in 1997. I got the morning schedule and the testing center is some 30-40 minutes away from my hometown. A friend and I hitched a ride with a classmate (who had a crush on her, hence we got the privilege of riding in a car instead of taking the bus), must have been at dawn to get to the city before seven.

Armed with a pack of juice and a sandwich, I think, I sat down for the longest exam I ever took in my entire life. Come on, four hours of difficult questions, most of which were not even taken up in our lessons. The boy with the car and I passed the UPCAT and we have remained friends all through these years. He got famous and became a celebrity.

I have been waiting for my daughter’s UPCAT results since last week, hoping that they would release the results early same as last year.


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