My daughter, the College Girl!

Kye (although she now goes by Kass outside the home), my eldest daughter had just started college, after almost half a year of agonizing (and endless arguments) over what course she will take. She finally decided on BS Food Tech at PUP. No quarrels from my end on that choice. I know of a lot of food techs from PUP who have made good careers in the food industry. Of course, I would have preferred her to study in my dear alma mater (UPD), but alas, it is not to be.

She seems to be enjoying college life despite the commute via the overcrowded PNR (which she really really hates, btw), the fastest and most economical way of getting from Taguig to Sta. Mesa everyday. She came back from her course orientation excited and encouraged and is now looking forward to Freshman Night with all the enthusiasm that a 16 year old has.

I remember when she was just barely four and about to start school. I enrolled her in a private school over the protestations of my sister (a school teacher) and my father (a school principal), encouraged by the above average score she got in the entrance exam. She wore her uniform (a scottish inspired plaid skirt, a beret, black knee socks and the smallest boots we could find) with such pride. She smiled at me in that endearing impish way she had and told me, “I am big girl now, Mommy!”

Fast forward to 12 years later. The cute girl is turning into a beautiful woman. I just hope that she will go through life a little more cautiously than I did and enjoy each stage of womanhood as she deserves to.

Carpe diem, Kassandra!


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