Whose turn is it to wash the dishes?

dirty dishesThe dinner table is where everything happens in my family. The kids and I go our own ways during the day. As soon as the children go out the front door with their own variations of “bye, mom!”, we are off to our own individual worlds, separate from each other’s – high school, college and work. It is only during dinner that we become a single unit again – a family.

Lately though, our family of four (big sister, only brother, little sister and I), have been trimmed and now, often numbers three only. Big sister gets home too late to join us for dinner. Little sister and brother had to adjust to this considerably huge change in our daily routine,

Though this has been going on for several weeks already, little sister would still ask where big sister is and aren’t we going to wait for her. I think it’s more to do with the fact that the clean up chores are suddenly just divided into two instead of three, the way it has always been. I’d hear them talking and arguing about whose turn is it now and isn’t it big sister’s tonight.

Most of the time I leave them to their arguments, often lasting till the time big sister gets home and would join in the melee. Not that I am encouraging their petty quarrels but because I am secretly enjoying evenings such as these, when I still have a brood under my roost. Soon, my nest would be empty when all of them are off to college and living their own lives, separate from mine.

But why borrow trouble? Soon won’t be here for another two years and I’d do better to enjoy all the chicks and their antics while I still can.


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