The (not so) Great LBC Experience

Had a first hand experience how LBC sucks! Their byline saying saan man sa mundo, makakarating is nothing but a bunch of bull.


My friend sent money to her mother through LBC, a measly P1,000.00 was all she can afford to send one Thursday.  We live in Taguig and her mother lives in Tandang Sora, QC. To spare her mother the bother of going to the nearest LBC (which is in Visayas Ave., by the way, 1 tricycle ride and 1 jeep ride from their house) she paid to have it delivered door-to-door.  She paid Php 80.00 for the transaction.  lBeing the OC person she is, she asked the LBC personnel if they can deliver to the given address and the answer is Yes. It was supposed to be a day after delivery, so she called her mother to say that the money will be delivered to her the next day, Friday.


Saturday, 10 a.m.  No money received yet. So my friend, went to the LBC branch (Lower Bicutan branch) to inquire and was told that maybe she had given the wrong address.    She was given a phone number to call to try and trace her money.  The number given was for the LBC Kalayaan branch, purportedly the nearest branch to Tandang Sora.  We were surprised to learn that the LBC people thought Kalayaan is quite near to Tandang Sora.


Sunday, 3 p.m.  I went with my friend to the LBC branch to inquire why the money has not yet been received by her mother.  After much discussion on who was supposed to track the envelop (they told us my friend she should have called the Kalayaan branch), they finally determined that the courier was unable to locate the address and given the report as wrong address.  Funny but my friend grew up in that Tandang Sora neighborhood, had used their address for her SSS, voter’s ID and other mail. And they ALL arrived. When we complained about it, they told us that we should file a complaint and they will elevate the issue to the higher-ups.  The branch personnel told us to just claim the money at the Kalayaan branch.  When we asked if we could just cancel the transaction and refund the money (so we can send it through another courier), we were told it will take 3 days to be processed.  Rather than wait, her mother needs the money, she decided to let her mother go to Kalayaan and pick up the money.

Monday, 6:45 p.m. My friend had to rush to LBC after work.  Her mother sent a message at 10:00 a.m. that there is no money to be picked up in Kalayaan and that she was told it was sent to Pasay and to get it from there.  The old lady had to go all the way to Kalayaan from Tandang Sora, one tricycle ride to go out to Tandang Sora Palengke, take a jeep to City Hall, another jeep to LBC Kalayaan, under the scorching heat of the sun so she can pick up the money that LBC was was unable to deliver to the address indicated.


My friend is so totally fuming mad by this time.  All this trouble for Php 1,000 that her mother urgently needs. The LBC guys in Lower Bicutan told her it was a wrong address and that their delivery personnel won’t bother to look for it.  And that if we want, we can file a complaint and they will forward it to management.  They CANNOT do anything about it. Yes, she can cancel the transaction and refund her money but the delivery fee is non-refundable.  Oh, and by the way, the money will be available on Wednesday or Thursday so please come back again, but we won’t refund your delivery charge even if you have spent almost the same amount going back and forth to our branch since Friday.

But I won’t tell you people not to use LBC for your courier needs.  There are branches with very professional people and services however, the Lower Bicutan branch takes the cake. The personnel are very unprofessional and were not helpful at all.