My (not so little anymore) girl is college bound

My daughter, Kassandra Pearl, is graduating from high school on Sunday (update: graduated March 17). We have not yet reached an agreement on where she will go for her college education. She is hell bent on dentistry while I am trying to sway her into a 4-year BS course (Food Tech, Psych or Bio) or a nursing degree. I would have wanted her to take engineering (ECE or IE) but she says that as she hates Math and Math hates her in return, why bother?  It doesn’t help that there are a lot to choose from and my daughter is so easily influenced by her peers and what she believes is lucrative. (update: she has chosen Food Tech)

I have told her that there are basically just  two reasons in choosing a college major: to prepare for a specific job or to immerse yourself in a subject that interests and excites you. But then, after deciding, these two should be merged and embraced with passion and vigor.

I remember when she was little and would often tag along when I go to work. The fact that I am a Food Tech and have been working a long time in food manufacturing must have influenced her decision a lot. Little do we know that the things we parents do serve as examples and models for our children to emulate.

My little girl may change her mind over the course of four years and opt to become a dentist after all. But knowing that she, at one time, wanted to be just like me, fills my heart to bursting.


Little EarthquakesI have just recently read this wonderful book, LITTLE EARTHQUAKES by Jennifer Weiner, it wasn’t anything new, the copyright is 2004 and I got it from Booksale. (I am an avid fan of Booksale!) It was such a great book I alternated between bouts of crying, laughing-out-louds and meaniNgful smiles. Well, you see, it was about motherhood, girl-friendships, husband-wife and the classic mother-in-law hates daughter-in-law relationships. We very seldom encounter books that tackle all three subject as honestly as this book did.

I just want to share some of the lines that struck me…

Kelly Day: “This is so much harder than I ever thought it would be!” on juggling motherhood, a demanding career and a laid-off-for six-months husband.

Becky Rabinowitz: “I don’t know. Milk of human kindness?” When her husband asked why she was being kind and understanding to his mother when she has already disowned them after doing everything she can to make their lives miserable. It brought to mind Habit 5 from John Covey’s 7Habits of Highly Effective People – Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Ayinde Towne: “You have to be brave because you are lucky. There are other people even worse off than you.”

Lia Frederick: How her mother wanted to foster an image of a good and responsible father even if it meant pretending all the time, shielding her daughter from the painful and devastating truth…

Hey, I don’t think I’ll ever pass muster as a critique or a copy writer but I hope I have conveyed, even if in a very small measure how Little Earthquakes affected me. And maybe, just maybe made you want to read the book yourself.

Enjoy reading!

Saturday, February 14, 2009 6:44 AM


UPCAT 2013

The waiting is killing me. Much more me than my daughter who actually took the exam last year.

I guess I will be more elated (or disappointed, however which way it goes) if she did get one of the most coveted university slots.

I remember when I took the same exams one September day in 1997. I got the morning schedule and the testing center is some 30-40 minutes away from my hometown. A friend and I hitched a ride with a classmate (who had a crush on her, hence we got the privilege of riding in a car instead of taking the bus), must have been at dawn to get to the city before seven.

Armed with a pack of juice and a sandwich, I think, I sat down for the longest exam I ever took in my entire life. Come on, four hours of difficult questions, most of which were not even taken up in our lessons. The boy with the car and I passed the UPCAT and we have remained friends all through these years. He got famous and became a celebrity.

I have been waiting for my daughter’s UPCAT results since last week, hoping that they would release the results early same as last year.